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Smart Home Technology Professional

These professionals are there to help you get your home smart and automated and have the knowledge, expertise, and skills for you to bring your desires and ideas to life.

They can come with different titles including technology integrator, home automation specialist, home technology specialists, custom electronics installer, custom home integrator – just to name a few.  They are experts that you can call upon for smart home automation, custom home theatre installs, security systems, intelligent lighting – they will be trained and experienced in designing and installing smart and home automation.

You can identify a Smart Home Technology Professional as they will have knowledge and tools to achieve your project – they work closely with manufacturers to receive specialist training and build knowledge which enables them to design and install the systems required to integrate and seamlessly operate your gadgets, devices, appliances, technology to create your smart and automated home.  You will find that they are certified as programmers, installers and in some circumstances computer networking specialists and will have built up their skills and knowledge through years of customising installs to a clients needs and requirements.  Many of the Smart Home Technology Professionals will be members of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design Installation Association) – the worlds largest association for smart home technology professionals – they run certified and educational programs and provide networking opportunities with manufacturers for this sector.

Simply put they have the expertise and knowledge to work with their clients to consultation, design and installation projects for smart solutions and automation – this can be for a home, business, architect or builder.  For a building project it is vital to engage with a professional as early as possible which will ensure that their planning is included to achieve the correct wiring (hidden), where outlets are best located and hidden, planning for room left for speakers, control panels and system and advise on materials best used around the technology. Search for ‘Smart Home Technology Professional’ when looking for an Approved Smart Home Installer on our homepage.