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Grand Designs presenter advises on smart home tech

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Grand Designs presenter advises on smart home tech

Ahead of a live London Grand Design event, televisions presenter Kevin McCloud recently shared his thoughts on home tech and some of the most cutting-edge options available.

When interviewed by the Glasgow Times, the tech guru discussed one of the newer options available to homeowners, a monitor that detailed the quality of a property’s air. Compatible with popular smart home applications such as Alexa, these innovative options are available for a variety of different budgets.

Explaining the benefits of one of the more cost-effective options available via Amazon, McCloud commented:

“It tells you what the nitrous oxide level is, or the carbon monoxide level, it tells you to open a window and explains why you might have a headache. These bits of technology 20 years ago would require complex wiring throughout the building and be hugely expensive.”

He added that today, these advanced solutions can be picked up online packed in a box and all come with their own dedicated app and Bluetooth connectivity.

The TV presenter also detailed how home technology buyers should always make use of energy rating information when making a purchase. He stated that many of today’s latest smart appliances including white goods like fridges, can now monitor their own energy performance and report to homeowners through an app on their smartphone.

The rising energy prices here in the UK has led many companies to speed up their roll out of more energy efficient appliances to help struggling households across the country.

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