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Derby fire highlights need for home tech professionals

Fire safety

Derby fire highlights need for home tech professionals

A recent blaze that occurred in a Derbyshire home has underlined the need for property owners to use approved installers using certified equipment.

A do-it-yourself approach to creating home solutions can put both property and people at risk, as demonstrated by the fire in Gower Street Derby’s Prosperity House.

While no one was injured in the incident, around 50 residents were required to evacuate from their homes. Firefighters called to the scene from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue discovered that the cause of the blaze was a makeshift heater constructed from plant pots and tealights.

A moneysaving solution touted on the social media platform TikTok has been trending that instructs homeowners to generate affordable warmth by using low-cost tealights to heat terracotta pots. While the content creators claimed that the homemade device can heat homes cheaply, experts have questioned their effectiveness as a heat source and a spokesperson for the fire services has warned strongly against using them.

The fire at Prosperity House, started when heat released from the tealights weakened the terracotta plates they sat on. The DIY heater collapsed and the candle’s melted wax ignited.

Commenting on the incident, Barclay Masterson, Station Manager, said:

“The occupiers witnessed the failure of the homemade device and evacuated the flat safely before calling 999 – but it could have been very different, and I would therefore like to remind everyone of the dangers that DIY heaters pose.”

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