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Two big advantages of a smart doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell

Two big advantages of a smart doorbell

Home security solutions are becoming increasingly smart and more affordable. An option that saw increased adoption during the height of the pandemic, and continued use since, is the smart doorbell, sometimes referred to as a video doorbell.

Typically, these devices are Wi-Fi enabled and boast a HD camera, a microphone and speaker, but high-end models can include advanced features like motion detection and night vision. In this blog, we’ll cover the major advantages users can enjoy when they opt for smart doorbells.

1. Greeting guests remotely

Smart doorbells allow uses to see who is at the door without answering it, or even leaving their seat. Whether you are at home, at work, or on holiday you can get a live feed on your phone displaying your visitor. Smart doorbells can play and record images and audio, and allowing two-way communication. As a result, you can communicate instructions to delivery drivers or guests remotely, or simply see who is visiting without making your presence known.

2. Enhancing security

Video doorbells can act as a deterrent for potential intruders. Smart doorbells are often triggered as soon as they detect motion on your property happening within their field of vision. As a result, burglars who do not wish to get recorded may avoid your home and select an easier target.

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