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Four ways smart homes can help you relax

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Four ways smart homes can help you relax

Smart home technology is designed to be dependable and convenient, saving time and energy while offering enhanced security. As a result of using smart plugs, CCTV, hubs and speakers, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind and make many tasks far easier with labour-saving voice commands.

While smart technology can enable people perform practical tasks faster and be more productive, they can also help them to rest and rejuvenate. Read on for some smart solutions designed to help households unwind.

1. Lighten the mood

Today’s smart lightbulbs come equipped with multiple setting to maximise relaxation. While the ability to lower the light levels in a room ships as standard with many brands, cutting-edge products can change colour and even colour temperature to create your ideal ambience.

2. Soothing sounds

Smart speakers can become sound machines, producing a relaxing soundtrack. Whether you prefer white noise, forest sounds, rainfall or ocean waves, with a simple phrase you can activate the sounds you find most soothing.

3. Guided meditation

Other smart speakers like Echo by Amazon come equipped with built-in meditation tools. If you’re looking to practice your mindfulness techniques while relaxing at home, these solutions are a perfect option.

4. Home cinemas

Finally, a tried and tested way to kick back and relax, is putting your feet up in front of your favourite film with your own home cinema. With smart controls, you won’t even have to press ‘Play’ on the remote.

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