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How home tech installers can connect with customers


How home tech installers can connect with customers

You might be a qualified installer with education and experience under your belt, but letting homeowners know you’re available isn’t always easy.

Today, let’s look at some of the issues involved with connecting with customers and an easier solution for installers looking to grow their business.

Trouble finding business

Simply putting an advert in a standard directory won’t always get you customers in the area you cover, wasting time and energy when you could be working. From professionals who specialise in fitting TV aerials and Wi-Fi, to home cinema specialists, many installers have their own website. However, guiding traffic to a site isn’t so simple, and potential customers seeking a service may never find your online address.

Get listed on a business directory

Instead of going on a wild goose chase for business, a better way to enjoy a steady stream of work as an installer is to become part of an online business directory that specialises in smart home technology. Once you join, you’ll have a dedicated profile page that lists the services you supply. You’ll also be able to post testimonials from your satisfied customers as proof of your high-quality services, and can include links to your website.

Business directories allow homeowners to find installers by the area they cover, so when a customer gets in contact, you’ll know they are local.

Join our business directory today

At Getmedigital, we’ve made it easy for expert tradespeople to advertise their services and be searchable by homeowners who need their help. Become an approved installer today to join our dedicated directory.

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