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Just what is Alexa?

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Just what is Alexa?

Smart tech is here to stay, becoming more and more of our everyday lives.  However, it is still easy to get confused between the Google Assistant, Alexa, Google Nest Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot – all integral to controlling our smart tech at home.

Here is a quick download of exactly what Alexa is.

What is Alexa?

Simply put, Alexa is a device that will recognise your spoken commands and respond to you – this means you can ask questions to find out the answers and instruct your Alexa to play music for example.  The most common place to find Alexa is in the Amazon Echo – a range of speakers that come complete with the Alexa software.  However, with increasing use of virtual assistants you will find the Alexa software in the likes of cars and other third-party speakers.

What will the Alexa do for you?

The most common uses are setting alarms, asking what the news is that day, asking common questions, etc – all using the command of your voice. As the Alexa is mostly found in speakers you can also ask for songs and albums to be played, audio books.  You can do this either by streaming direct from your internet or via Bluetooth.  In addition, you will also have access to the Amazon store, great if you are on Prime.

More and more smart devices that you have in the home are now compatible with Alexa.  This means that you can control your thermostats, lightbulbs, security systems, to name a few, all by voice command.

Monthly costs

The only answer to this is no! No matter what you decide to use Alexa for, there are not monthly subscription fees.  Once you buy your chosen device with the Alexa software, off you go – no further investment required.

However, if you opt to use a music streaming service via your Alexa, such as Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music, you will still be required to pay their monthly fees but remember you can Bluetooth your songs to Alexa for free!

Setting your Alexa up

Easy – simply plug in your chosen Alexa device, on your smartphone, download the Alexa app and follow the instructions on the screen.


This all depends on the device you choose – we have listed some examples below:-

Amazon Echo – £69.99

Amazon Echo Dot – £49.99

Amazon Echo Show 8 – £79.99

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