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Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

Apple watches

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

If you go to buy the latest Apple Watch, you will typically be presented with the series 6 or SE options. It is worth thinking before you go to purchase your watch, what it is exactly you want to use it for and the features you wish to benefit from – this will help you choose the best option for you.

In essence, these two models are very similar. They both run from the latest watchOS 7 software and have GPS built in – the benefit of this is so you can go out running or even just out and about knowing you will still get the accurate fitness stats you want. They both have good bright screens and are water resistant upto 50m.

If you are exercising both models will alert you if your heart rate is unusually high, or even if you are resting, they will alert you if your heart rate is also unusually low – even for irregular heart rhythms. Of course, both come with the option to use Appley pay – so easy to walk into a shop and use your watch to pay for your shopping.

Now to what the Series 6 has that the SE doesn’t, although some are very subtle and not that significant in the overall scheme of things:-

• Has an always-on display as opposed to not so you don’t need to move to see the display
• Health – additionally you can measure blood oxygen levels and your ECG they both have fall detection, heart rate monitoring and alerts and noise alerts
• Case comes in the option of aluminium, stainless steel and titanium – SE is aluminium only
• Because of the different materials you can opt for in the case – this always gives you more colour options for the Series 6 although for both you can choose from a wide array of straps

As you will see the differences are minimal. The main one is deciding if you want the additional health features of checking your blood oxygen levels and ECG and if you want a wider choice of finishes and colour. Other than that you can’t go wrong with the SE model which is typically £100 cheaper than the SE model – this is why before you make your purchase, understand what you actually want and need.

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