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Top smart home trends for 2022


Top smart home trends for 2022

These unusual times have spurred a high demand from consumers for smart home devices that save time, money and effort. Here are some smart device trends we’re likely to see in 2022:

Energy-saving devices

Saving energy reduces the carbon footprint of a home and saves money on fuel bills. Integrated smart thermostats control the heating in the whole house, heating only rooms that are occupied and optimising energy use to save fuel.

Remote working

Covid remains a threat, and remote working will likely continue to be normal in 2022. Smart devices that improve the home working environment include smart ventilation systems and humidity enhancers. Don’t forget that in many cases you can claim tax relief for job expenses such as heating bills.


It’s hardly surprising that periods of lockdown have seen surges in TV watching and online streaming. Sales of home cinema and intelligent sound systems will therefore likely continue to grow in 2022.

Intelligent lighting

Smart lighting changes colour and luminance through a smartphone app, or can be integrated with a smart speaker for voice control. Gesture control is set to be the next development of smart lighting.

Smart health

We’re all a little more health-conscious than we used to be, and in 2022, some smart homes will have health sensors that monitor body temperature, heart rate and breathing to perform daily health checks.


Lastly, 2022 should see the continued integration of smart systems in the home, with heating, lighting, entertainment, security and more controlled by one app.

Expect a much wider choice of smart home devices this year, freeing up time to spend on the things you love to do.

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