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How do home technology installers source equipment?

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How do home technology installers source equipment?

Whether you are a specialist in smart lighting solutions or television aerials, as a home technology installer, you’ll need access to products and materials to complete your work.

It is understood that to build your business any equipment you fit must be high-quality and reliable. However, you must also be able to buy it at affordable prices so you can pass part of these savings on to your customer while still turning a profit.

To discover the best way to source products and materials, read on to find out more.

Sourcing supplies made simple

Joining a business directory as an approved installer has many advantages, one of which is access to dependable suppliers selling equipment at affordable prices. When you become approved, you will be able to quickly locate credible suppliers you can count on for the goods you need to complete an installation, repair, or service. Innovative search tools and a database of pre-checked supply sources can save you time and energy, which you can put to better use building your business.

What types of supplies can you access?

Regardless of your specialty, you’ll find all your equipment needs covered. You will discover an extensive range of equipment like aerials, cameras, and consumables along with specific products and materials required or smart home, satellite and lighting installations from both home distribution companies and trade counters.

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