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Arlo voted best video doorbell for 2022

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Arlo voted best video doorbell for 2022

Internet-connected brand Arlo has been applauded for its video doorbell, which has been voted the best-in-class product for its field so far this year.

The innovative solution beat off stiff competition in the comprehensive review by advice site TechRadar, which also extoled its multiple virtues for users in an in-depth review.

The first video doorbell produced by US tech manufacturer Arlo was rated as the best on the market and comes packed with a plenty of useful features. Stylish and slim in appearance, the device has a smart aesthetic that is designed to suit a range of décor.

The doorbell has a camera equipped with a 180-degree field of vision and 1:1 aspect ratio. As a result, it can supply super-detailed footage in its display, enabling homeowners to view a full-length image of whoever is on their doorstep. This includes any parcels that have been placed on the floor.

The Arlo doorbell camera has excellent compatibility that allows it to integrate with multiple smart home technology hubs like Alexa, HomeKit and Google Assistant. However, to make the most of this useful option, users are advised to subscribe to Arlo’s Secure Service which enables you to access additional features like a message service and recalling footage of missed visitors.

As the device is mains-powered, buyers are recommended to enlist the aid of a professional installer with experience of fitting security solutions. While battery-powered options are also provided by Arlo, they do not share the same feature as this device.

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