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Make your Smart Home secure

Smart Lock

Make your Smart Home secure

Years ago, a secure home meant you had locks, deadbolts, and latchkeys with little keys for all your windows.  Since then, home security has come a long way with smart and keyless security options for your home.

Before deciding on what you need or want, it is worth taking a bit of time to research the options such as motion sensors, alarms, cameras, and smart locks.  With online security a hot topic, also take the time to understand what data is stored and shared by the devices that you opt for.

Here we explore smart locks.

Keyless systems for the home may seem new and almost futuristic but we have been using this type of technology for years from the office down to the local gym.  It seems a sensible and obvious step for this technology to be used for the home.  Don’t be scared off by the technology.  Digital keys are safer than the more traditional keys that we are all used to due to dual encryption used in many keyless solutions – think about it being like the encryption used when you log into online banking.  Many solutions now also link to your Alexa or Google Assistant making is easy and integrated to what you may have already in the home.  In many circumstances you may also be able to link in light and heater timings so your smart lock can act as a trigger.

Worried about physical keys ending up in the wrong hands? Geofencing technology is provided with many options – this technology uses a smartphones GPS capability to understand where you are and will secure or unlock your home accordingly – far better than searching for your keys at the bottom of your bag!  Some that come with the Yale Access App will unlock your door as soon as it senses that you are within five metres of your front door, or you can set the mode to away or change the distance.  You have the control of timing to always suit you best with remote access to check the status of your locks.


We recommend you explore the web to find out more about smart locks..

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