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What are the benefits of a smart lighting installation for your garden?

Smart Lighting

What are the benefits of a smart lighting installation for your garden?

If you’ve been enjoying the use of your garden over spring and summer, it’s understandable that as autumn draws in, you’ll want to make the most of it. While temperatures are often mild enough to enjoy outdoor areas in October, with the night’s drawing in some extra light, you can keep your garden party going longer. In this blog, we’ll look at why a smart lighting installation in your garden can be an ideal option for additional illumination.

Streamlined installations

The latest advances in smart lighting products ensure that equipment never ruins the appeal of your garden. No unsightly switches or cumbersome cabling are involved for a more streamlined aesthetic.

Energy saving options

Smart garden lighting gives you complete control from your smartphone, so you can switch off lights with ease from anywhere at any time. You can also configure automatic time schedules so that lights are never left on by accident to run up your electricity bill.

Enhanced options

Some installations feature sensors that detect low light levels and activate illumination, promoting outdoor safety. Additionally, other systems will allow you to dim or change the colour of your garden lighting to create a variety of atmospheres in different areas.

Do you need a professional garden lighting installation?

To find an expert in smart lighting solutions for your garden, you can use Getmedigital’s online directory of approved contractors. Try our search tool to track down the exterior lighting expert you need today.

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