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Multicoloured smart lights launched by Moonside

Smart Lighting

Multicoloured smart lights launched by Moonside

Answering the efforts of its rivals LiFX and Twinkly, a new company called Moonside has introduced a pair of brand new products.

The new lighting products are compatible with multiple smart home hubs for convenient user experiences and can produce many different colours at once, via innovative LED technology. Read on to find out more about Lamp One and Neon Lighthouse.

Lamp One

Shaped like a traditional Chinese lantern, Lamp One is small-sized side lamp. Despite its diminutive stature, this little light can produce a sizzling array of colours concurrently. Its advanced design allows it to create 120 different dynamic colour zones (made up of 16 million colours) that enable different hues to blend seamlessly while interchanging to spectacular effect.

Neon Lighthouse

While Neon Lighthouse produced a smaller range of 90 colours zones (again made up of 16 million colours), its design is more original and it has been described a glowstick version of fluorescent lighting tube. It also offers a variety of styles, enabling buyers to pick between pink, green, blue and black to match different room decors.


Both the lights ship with a USB-C- type power cable (110 cm length) and USB power adaptor (15W). While they use Bluetooth LE 4.2 for their initial set-up, the lamps connect to home networks via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Compatible with smart hub solutions

Finally, both the items enjoy support from Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, SmartThings and IFTTT through their companion application, with integration planned for HomeKit and many other platforms later. As a result, users can control these multicoloured lights via their smartphones and tablets, or by using voice commands.

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