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Energy company set to offer smart home solutions

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Energy company set to offer smart home solutions

Energy provider Scottish Power has become the first firm in its field to provide smart home solutions to households wherever they are based.

The forward-thinking firm is now the first fully integrated energy company in the United Kingdom to generate 100% green electricity, and has pledged to make it simpler for customers to be greener.

Drawing from the diverse selection of new energy solutions now available, such as solar power, air source heat pumps and electric batteries, Scottish Power now plans to assist homeowners to take control of their properties carbon emissions at the right pace and time suited to them.

Smart Solutions Director for Scottish Power, Chris Carberry, commented:

“We want to help every household make the switch to greener, smarter energy solutions. Being able to offer these new technologies, whether in combination or on their own, to eligible homes across the country is another step towards achieving Net Zero emissions.”

Along with reducing the carbon footprint of homes and the emissions they produce user-friendly smart home systems provide detailed data on energy consumption and greater control over how and when solutions are used. This makes smart solutions a powerful asset when households are seeking to make savings by reducing the size of their annual utility bills.

The new service is expected to begin in 2022. Along with the benefits for homeowners, the initiative is expected to create around 300 new employment opportunities for qualified engineers and installers who are trained to install the latest smart energy solutions.

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