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Save your energy


Save your energy

With the rise in cost in gas and electric, there is no better time to look at how you can use less energy and become more efficient in the home.  Surprisingly the average household (containing 4 occupants) uses 13 electronic devices – all using energy.  Naturally over the past 10 years we have been increasing our energy usage with new devices that we use in the home such as TV’s and laptops.  Although energy usage has increased directly linked to the number of devices they are now produced being energy efficient, this doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to reduce your energy usage.

Let start with your Gas usage – look at your appliances, how old are they?  Older models will use more energy and it may be worth upgrading where you can to a more energy efficient model.  Installing a smart thermostat is also a great way to control your heating more easily and track your usage.

And your Electricity usage – again look at your devices and gadgets, are they old, are there more energy efficient options available to you – always make sure you look at this when buying new ones.  Look out for energy saving lightbulbs, the rating on items such as dishwashers.  One key thing is to switch off your appliances at the plug when not being used – if they don’t need to be on, switch them off.

Some quick tips to save energy: –

Buy and install a smart thermostat– they will make your heating more efficient but only heating the rooms that are being used, at the right temperature, at the right time.  You can control them by your phone which means you can easily change what is needed.  Just by installing room thermostats, programmers, and thermostatic radiators, you could save upto £75 per year.  You may be surprised to know by just turning your heating down by 1 degree could save you upto £80 per year!

Appliances – make sure any appliance which just sits in standby is turned off at the plug – this could save you upto £30 per year alone.  Make it easy for yourself by using smart plugs/sockets that you can control easily from your phone – there is no excuse then.  When buying new appliances, check out the energy-efficiency rating. For example a washing machine with a rating of A+++ is expected to use £65 less energy than one which is rated A+.   Even better savings are with a fridge freezer, an A+++ rated appliance could save you £320 in energy bills over its lifetime.

Washing – change your habits and wash at a lower temperature, going from 40 degrees to 30 degrees will reduce your energy usage and cutting out one cycle per week will add an additional £5 saving per year.

Check how much energy you are using – this is one of the best ways to change your habits.  Knowing what you are using and when will help you identify what you need to do.  When you start doing some of the things mentioned in this blog and then see in front of your eyes the impact it has on your energy usage – you will form new habits and become far more aware of how you can save money.  Don’t just look at your appliances, check out your boiler, insulate your roof, check if you have draughts and consider investing in double glazing.

Making your home smarter overall will in the long-term help you become energy efficient.


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