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Do I need a smart doorbell?

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Do I need a smart doorbell?

Smart doorbells are becoming more and more popular and with many more choices on the market than ever.  Is it just a trend or do you need one?  They are encouraged to enhance your home security and help you manage deliveries, so you never miss one again.

Smart doorbells or sometimes known as video doorbells, are a WiFi connected product and acts as an intercom system for your home.  Via an app which is specific to the doorbell that you opt, you will receive direct notifications to your phone and a live feed so you can see who is at your door.  This gives you the option to speak to the caller without even opening your door or from wherever you are – helps if you don’t want to open the door to a stranger or arrange where you want the delivery driver to leave your parcel.

Some models will come equipped with motion detection sensors or AI facial recognition – this will allow your smart doorbell to notify you when someone is approaching without them even pressing the buzzer.

Smart doorbells are typically easy and straight forward to install – especially if you choose a battery (usually rechargeable) operated device, you then don’t need to worry about wiring.  It’s as easy as securing the device to your door or home and then connecting it to you WiFi, download the relevant app and then away you go.

Some makes of smart doorbells have the ability to interact with other smart devices such as your Alexa products.  With the increased use of IFTTT (IF This Then That) you can use some smart doorbells to trigger and communicate with other smart devices.  The two dominant companies providing smart doorbells on the market are Nest and Ring – worth checking them both out and decide the model which is best for what you want and your budget.

If you need any help or advice on installing your doorbell, it may be useful to contact one of our Approved Installers by using the search box on our homepage.

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