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What are smart blinds and how do they work?


What are smart blinds and how do they work?

The latest home technology is engineered to make life easier for households and give residents simple-but-effective control over their living environment. Most smart technology automates home features, making them adjustable via a handheld device like a mobile phone, making usage convenient and labour-saving. In this blog, we’ll explore smart blinds, explaining what they are and the way that they work.

Defining smart blinds

Smart blinds are roman-style or roller blinds that are motorised and allow users to control them remotely. They are called “smart” because they can be activated using an application on a smartphone, table or laptop.

Instead of getting out of bed to raise your blinds in the morning or lower them when you want less glare on your television or computer screen, you can control them with minimal physical activity.

How smart blinds work

Blinds must be motorised and use a dedicated power source. This typically involves a plug and socket or battery pack, or the blinds may be hard wired into your property. The unseen motor lowers and raises blinds when activated.

Smart sensors are fitted within the blinds that allow the motor to be controlled via a smartphone app or, when connected to a home smart hub, by voice command. Some sensors can even automatically adjust blinds according to sunlight or temperature levels.

Installing smart blinds in your home

If you require an expert installer to fit smart blinds in your property, you can count on Getmedigital. Try out our useful search tool and track down a professional in your area.

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