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Should you have a smart meter fitted when offered

Smart Meter

Should you have a smart meter fitted when offered

Most utility companies have a program of rolling out smart meters and are encouraging their customers to have one fitted or replacing really old meters with smart meters. But do you know what is best to do?

Here is some useful information:-

Qualified engineers will come to your home and install your new smart meter to ensure it is done safely. The new unit/s will replace what you have already with the old unit/s being taken away. The units will send your meter readings direct to your supplier so you don’t need to worry anymore about sending in your meter readings yourself.

You will be able to see a display screen which will show you your energy usage in real time which is useful to see when you are using your energy most and how much. When you switch on your kettle you will see your energy usage increase so this will help with monitoring and potentially creating better habits.

There is no charge to consumers to have a smart meter fitted and you will still be able to see and check your bills – most displays will allow you to look at daily, weekly and monthly usage so you can track how much you are using.

When switching supplier you should be able to do this really easily irrelevant of who installed your smart meter – with some models you may still need to report your final meter readings.

Renting or have a PAYG (Pay as You Go) meter – not a problem. With the PAYG meter, there are many that come with an app so you get a warning when your credit is running low and will give you the ability to top up your account. If you are renting you can still opt for a smart meter but it is wise to advise your landlord and also check your tenancy agreement.

All in all, a smart meter should make your life easier and help you to keep track of your bills and energy usage and even save you money if you change your habits.

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