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New smart gym released for home workouts

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New smart gym released for home workouts

Homeowners looking to weight train without ever attending a gym are sure to love a new smart home technology option that has recently entered the market.

Dubbed the Tonal Home Gym, the new solution features Wi-Fi connectivity and tailored training from expert level tuition.

A smart-tech trainer at your service

The Tonal Home Gym has a considerable pedigree. Backed by US sports celebrities, ace tennis player Serena Williams and basketball star Stephen Curry are among its investors. Now those looking to get fit can have access to high-quality fitness training from the comfort of their own home.

Tonal consists of a wall-mounted unit with a rectangular shape and fully adjustable arms. It also has a touchscreen interface that enables users to select online trainer-led weight-training classes. From the interface, users can also customise their workout and pick music to play while training. The system utilises electromagnetic resistance tech, letting users pull and push up to 200lbs without the need for dumbbells, barbells, or kettle weights clutter up the house.

How Tonal works

Tonal’s tech effectively evaluates a user’s capacity for exercise to set the perfect weight. Through magnets and electricity, it digitally adjusts the poundage required. While conventional weights require gravity to work, digital weights allow users to overcome resistance controlled by microchips impacting magnets and electric coils.

The system is designed to be user-friendly and provides feedback in real time. Finally, for maximum control, users can set their own difficulty levels and fitness goals.

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