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Who we are

Getmedigital was created to promote home technology installation and service providers directly to you, the Consumer.

Getmedigital has been developed as a means for Consumers (including businesses) to access information which allows them to solve digital connection issues and, when needed, find a local and Approved Installer to remedy those more complex home technology connectivity problems, such as connecting your local router to your smart TV as well as many more general technology issues..

With new smart digital technologies and products emerging all the time, we feel it is essential that Consumers have access to high quality, impartial and relevant information and services.

Aimed at all ages and differing levels of product understanding, Getmedigital builds upon its success in the digital sector and strong association with digital technology professionals, government, regulatory bodies and specialist advisor’s.

All businesses listed on the site are drawn from the RDI (Registered Digital Installers), so Consumers who require assistance can be assured that the listed businesses are competent, suitably trained and qualified, and always operate to an industry-leading code of conduct.

Getmedigital is also the place to come for impartial advice and guidance on your home technology, product price comparisons, the latest news and reviews.

Why we do it

We believe that everyone should have access to the very latest information, the very best advice and know exactly where to turn when looking for a professional industry Approved Installer.

Here at Getmedigital we want to be able to offer all our customers and members a tried-and-trusted route to accessing our full range of services. We also want to offer members of Getmedigital a unique window to advertise their services to potential customers as part of their membership.

How we do it

We’ve developed an easy-to-use search function for Consumers wanting to find a Approved Installers within their local area.

Whether they’re looking for TV aerial repair, Smart Home installers, or even an electrician to hook them up to the latest technology, potential customers can search our online database of businesses – searching either by postcode, location, or the business directly – to find local members who match their search criteria, or even explore our Help & Advice section to learn a little more about the different technologies around the home.

But at Getmedigital you get more than just local installers. You get Getmedigital-Approved Installers who have been vetted to ensure they’re suitably trained, experienced and fully qualified; and trusted to provide a quality-backed service to the Consumer.

With Getmedigital you’re able to choose an Approved Installer safe in the knowledge that any work you need will be delivered to the very highest quality.

Our Approved Installers can also choose how they would like to display their business on the website by choosing between three different advertising packages: standard, silver or gold.

So it doesn’t matter if they’re Freeview installers, satellite engineers, electricians or professionals who specialise in Smart Home installation. What matters is that they receive an advertising package that’s tailored to their individual needs and showcases their complete range of services.

We hope you benefit from our services!

For any enquiries, please email us using our contact form