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What can LED lighting offer homeowners?

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What can LED lighting offer homeowners?

Forward-thinking households across the UK are now replacing the traditional lightbulbs in their homes for LED lighting installations. Let’s look at three of the benefits buyers can enjoy when they do this.

Long active service life

LED light solutions last longer, helping homeowners avoid the hassle of frequently changing bulbs. Not only does this significantly cut waste, but it also saves people money over the long term.

A LED light source lifespan can be as much as 10 times longer than that of a conventional bulb. Most standard bulbs offer up to two years of usage, but a LED solution can provide light for 20.

Low energy use

Wattage and lumen are key concepts to comprehend when looking at light source energy use. In simple terms, LED lights use less energy (wattage) to create the same output of light (lumen) as a traditional bulb. As a result, homeowners can lower their energy bills while enjoying the same lighting.

A range of colour temperatures

LED lighting has a reputation for appearing cold, but today’s homeowners can buy LED lighting with a variety of different colours temperatures to suit their tastes. Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin. While low colour temperatures create light that is cosy and warm, high colour temperatures create a cool and energising effect.

Are you looking for expertise in LED lighting?

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