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Top tips on positioning a home cinema subwoofer


Top tips on positioning a home cinema subwoofer

While a home cinema system will technically work without a subwoofer, those seeking high-quality sound should consider adding at least one to their setup. Standard speakers are unable to reproduce a full range of frequencies, including the lowest tones, offering inferior sound.

On the other hand, subwoofers can deliver richer and more powerful audio that is often described as being three-dimensional. Many people mistakenly believe that, as a non-directional speaker, the placement of a subwoofer is unimportant, but this is far from the truth. Here are some useful pointers to ensure your speakers produce the best results.

Placing a subwoofer near walls

Corner placement of a subwoofer or positioning it near your walls can enhance performance by increasing its overall bass. Wall proximity reflects the subwoofer’s sound, heightening the strength and power of the bass.

Placing a subwoofer speaker beneath your couch

For an immersive cinematic experience that lets you feel vibrations combined with mighty bass tones, an under-the-sofa installation cannot be beaten. Fortunately, most subwoofers and spaces beneath couches are an ideal match, but beneath your coffee table is also recommended.

Home cinema installation advice

If you’re struggling to get your ideal sound, a home cinema expert can help. Whether you need assistance tweaking your system or a full installation, you’ll find a pre-approved professional who covers your neighbourhood here at Getmedigital. Use our handy search tool today and make sure you enjoy your new home cinema system to its full potential.

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