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Building trust in your home technology business

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Building trust in your home technology business

If your firm specialises in installing technology in people’s homes, creating trust is crucial. Adding equipment may involve interacting with power points and supplies, but also the very fabric of homes, so it’s understood that customers will want assurances of your skills. Furthermore, when inviting a tradesperson into their property, homeowners are trusting them not only with the building itself, but often members of their household and the valuables they own.

In this blog, we’ll show you three ways that joining a business directory can help installers build trust with potential customers.

Carry the Digital Tick

When you become a pre-approved installer with a business directory, your company branding can use the Digital Tick symbol. A sign of being a trusted tradesperson and supplying high quality services, the Tick is well-known by UK consumers. Once you join, you’ll have access to a brand pack that helps you add the symbol to your van, website and ID cards, among other applications.

Official online profile

As part of a business directory, you’ll no longer be just a name and number to contact. Customers can find your online profile and see the skills you have and the area you specialise in. Here, you can add testimonials from your satisfied clients to let future clients know you deliver satisfaction and include links to your business website.

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