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Do you need an Aerial?


Do you need an Aerial?

With a lot of people moving away from paid TV services such as Sky, you will need an aerial to watch Freeview services.   You may already have one, if you do, check that the cables are undamaged and that they are connected and routed to an aerial point in your home.  From your aerial point, you will need to plug the cable directly into your Freeview TV or recorder if you have one.

To receive the best signal and watch uninterrupted services, your aerial needs to be in the right position and not weather damaged.  An easy way to check is to go outside and see if your aerial is pointing in the same direction as all your neighbours.

Type of aerial you will need

A wideband aerial is the most recommended, rather than a grouped aerial.  They can also be called a Type T or Type W.  These are best as they cover the full range of signals you will need for digital TV and will work even when there are changes to the digital signal.  Most aerials 10 years and less in age are likely to be these types of aerials.  If you are unsure, it is always best to get in touch with an Approved Installer who will be able to guide you.

You can opt for a loft or portable aerial, but they tend not to be as reliable as a wideband aerial and can be subject to electrical interference.

What if I receive my signal via a shared communal aerial

This is likely if you live in a block of flats or in a shared housing, where there this is a shared system which provides a signal to several homes.  It is worth asking your neighbours if they get a good reception which is a great indication that you will.   If there is not a good signal, you can ask your landlord or get in touch with an Approved Installer, best checking who is liable for any costs before doing so.

Installation of a new aerial

If you do need a new aerial, it is recommended to get in touch with an Approved Installer who will know exactly what you need and how it should be installed to provide you with the best viewing experience.  It will vary according to you where you live for the cost of an installation, and we suggest to get in touch with an Approved Installer who will give you an indcation of what you will have to spend.

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