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What are the key advantages of using a smart home alarm system?

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What are the key advantages of using a smart home alarm system?

Firms working at the forefront of the technology sector are making innovative security solutions that are increasingly affordable for homeowners. Advanced options, once only available to governments or leading firms, such as motion detection, facial recognition and video surveillance, are now shipped as standard for installation in residential buildings. Read on, as we dig deep into the gains accessible by users of the latest smart home alarms.

False alarms negated

Previous home alarms were notorious for being triggered by unreliable motion sensors. Harsh weather conditions, animal or vehicle activity and mains power outages often resulted in a false alarm. Today’s cutting-edge equipment has smart technology that empowers it to filter data and, through analysis, assess potential risks. Systems can now distinguish between human, animal and traffic activity to negate false alerts and identify a serious incident.

Alerts in real-time

Traditional security alarms alert homeowners that their property is being broken into or a fire breaks out. However, a smart alarm will warn them before it becomes too late. Proactive smart alarms can deliver an alert in real-time, whether a break-in, a gas leak or a fire is about to happen, so homeowners can act fast.

Experts in security for your home

Finding the right smart technology installer is always essential, but when it comes to fitting protective devices like security alarms in home, you must be able to trust your tradesperson. Use our search tool at Getmedigital and find an installer who has been pre-approved by us as a qualified and trusted professional.

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