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How can smart lighting systems improve your home security?

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How can smart lighting systems improve your home security?

While smart lighting installations are well known for helping homeowners reduce their energy bills and enjoy a more convenient way of illuminating their properties, they can also enhance security. Today, we’ll explore some of the lesser-known security benefits of smart lighting.

Cutting-edge detection features

Leading smart lighting systems often feature built-in motion detectors that can turn lights on automatically when someone enters a room and off when they exit. While primarily designed for energy saving, this useful feature can also be used for home security. Systems can be programmed to let homeowners know when unexpected motion is detected outdoors or indoors by sending an alert to their mobile phone.

Fooling burglars in your area

Criminals commonly observe properties for a period of time before deciding if they are vulnerable to burglary, then choosing a time when they believe the homeowners will be out as their moment to strike. Controlled by mobile devices, smart lighting systems can be turned off and on even when residents are not in. This creates the false impression to criminals monitoring the area that someone is typically in all day. More often than not, this will lead them to seek another property to target instead.

If you’re currently planning a smart lighting installation for your home to improve security, we can help. Our dedicated business directory lists approved installers who have been pre-checked for delivering a trusted and high-quality service. Try searching now to find an expert in your area today.

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