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AI expert reveals new smart mirror


AI expert reveals new smart mirror

Artificial intelligence-focused tech firm ICON.AI recently unveiled its new product – a smart bathroom mirror.

Announced at the CES 2022 last week, the Sound Mirror took home the event’s coveted innovation award.

A hardware company that is software led, ICON.AI’s ambition is to bring the latest artificial intelligence (AI) offerings to the international market. With Alexa integration and the ability to stream music, the Sound Mirror is a solid milestone on the path to reaching this goal.

The Sound Mirror looks just like a full-sized framed bathroom mirror and comes in two different designs (horseshoe and circular). However, with the addition of a tasteful grill in the lowest quarter of the mirror’s face, it also contains a smart speaker.

Designed for hands-free use, the mirror can be connected to home Wi-Fi. Once completed, users can employ Alexa Voice services, allowing them to request tracks from their favoured streaming service, check the news, listen to podcasts, set important alarms and see what the weather is like.

Virtually waterproof, the Sound Mirror can also be used to control additional smart devices around the home and is Bluetooth compatible. This enables users to stream music straight from a smartphone to the mirror.

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