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Smart Lighting doesn’t just to have to be for indoors

Smart Lighting Garden

Smart Lighting doesn’t just to have to be for indoors

As we head to the summer we long for the light nights where we can sit outdoors and enjoy the warmer summer evenings.  Indoors we are all using smarter lighting, but you can enhance your garden with smart lighting and create some great affects and whilst hopefully being able to entertain friends and family – lighting means you can enjoy your summer nights for longer.

There is now a whole host of lighting available for gardens from strings or fairly lights, coloured bulbs through to the array of solar lights now available.  There are downsides with some of these options, with most of them being manually controlled and likely to come with one setting and one lighting option.  This is when smart lighting for the garden could be a great option.

Smart lighting can provide you with a more flexible option, being able to change the scene, colours and create a different atmosphere for your outdoor space or garden.  Think subtle and subdued lighting as you enjoy a romantic evening in the garden with your loved one or think first summer BBQ party to celebrate being able to socialise again with themed colourful lighting with a vibrant display to add to the enjoyment of your party – anything is possible.

By using smart lighting for your garden, you gain the ability to create different experiences with your lighting, you control how it looks and when.  You can turn up the intensity of the bulbs to give you the level of light you need and with some systems you get to choose the colour.

Imaging being able to take away the task at the end of the evening when you must go round and turn off your outdoor lights individually.  With a smart lighting solution, you can take away this hassle by using a system which is controlled by an app which will enable you to the set scene of lighting you want for the evening, the colours, the level of lighting but then as you head off to bed, you can easily turn off the lights via your app.

It is worth thinking about what you want to achieve outdoors and the flexibility that you want then to research the smart lighting solutions available for outdoors – you may even have an indoor smart system that you can add to or integrate with.  Look out for our blog about systems available to you.

If you need any help or advice on your Smart Home, it may be useful to contact an Approved Lighting Installer.

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