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Smart Home

All homes are turning smarter with the increased use of technology and connectivity.  But what is a smart home and when do I need an Approved Smart Home Installer.

Well firstly it is important for any level of smart home that you are trying to achieve that you have a robust and suitable broadband connection and the fastest that is available for your area.  Without having smart appliances, heating, lighting etc. Just think how many devices you connect to your WiFi or router.  You will probably be surprised – this is why when you start to build your smart home you need the best broadband available to you for the bandwidth and speeds that you will require.

Basic Smart Home

This level of smart home you can usually achieve the majority of it yourself with maybe some installation and guidance help from an Approved Smart Home Installer .  They are best equipped to be able to ensure your home network is set up for what you want to achieve or upgrade it for you and then they will be able to install any products and connect them accordingly – they will also be able to recommend products and services to reach your desired outcome.  You then know it is all done professionally and safely.  For a basic smart home with accessible and easy to use products being available you could expect to see: –

  • Smart Lighting – operation and level controlled by an app or control centre
  • Entertainment – home hub to control all your relevant devices – some options are also available on apps
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart meters for utilities
  • Blinds and window – opening and closing controlled by an app or control centre
  • Security Cameras
  • Door Locks
  • Garage Openers
  • Sensors – hubs that can be programmed for different commands – i.e. Lighting, heating, etc
  • Smart Heating
  • Voice Activated devices
  • Smart remote controls
  • Smart Home Apps – linking to a number of smart technologies

All of the above or some of the above will create some form of smart home for you and there are lots of options, services and products for each area.  By doing the relevant research you will be able to find what you are looking for and what suits your requirements with many solutions being easy to set up and operate. Our Approved Smart Home Installer are experts in the above and will be able to ensure you home network is robust, make the best suggestions and carry out any installations or connectivity for you.

Advanced Smart Home

Achieving a top end smart home comes with a different budget and requirements and is about smart control and automation across your home and in each of the above areas, although for example you may just want to create an all singing and dancing cinema room.  Either option you may need a smart home technology professional.  They will know the specialist products that you will require that provide the performance that you want and more importantly, creating smart homes at this level requires the right control hubs and networking, design and planning.  This means that there is a one stop control hub for everything smart in your home that will give you at your finger tips the ability to turn off and on, change, listen, whatever you want to do across all areas in your home – this is whether you want to check each area where you have cameras, set up some mood lighting in a specific room or shut all your blinds at once.  The options now available are endless but require guidance and professional knowledge to ensure the best results for your desired budget.