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Electricians are certified and carry a qualification issued by the NICEIC – you can check at their website the qualification status of an approved electrician. Changing a plug or replacing a fuse or even a light bulb, these are all easy things we do ourselves at home, but when things get a bit more complex you may require an approved electrician for any electrical work or if an installation needs to be certified or checked officially.

There are many occasions when you are best getting in touch with an electrician who are suitably qualified and have the expert knowledge and experience required.  There are many examples but here are few that many householders will experience :-

Constant visits to your fuse box – we have all experienced having the electric go off because something trips the fuse box and often the cause of this is not apparent, but it is an occurrence we can all do without and it could also indicate that there is something serious or irregular.  A qualified electrician will be able to trace the source of the problem and be able to rectify it for you.

Creating a smart home or office – before taking on the project it is important to identify if you have sufficient power and connectivity to achieve your desired outcome.  For example, if you are installing a new projector and screen you may need to contact an electrician to install additional wiring so that the install can be completed or if you are looking to put an Alexa in each room to control your smart devices you may need to get additional sockets installed. 

Installing new lighting or sockets – this is a task that many homeowners have quite often completed themselves, installing light fittings and sockets.  On many occasions the result was unnecessary injuries and accidents.  The outcome was that regulations were introduced to prevent accidents and injuries from happening – you do not need to be a certified electrician to change accessories or fittings, a qualified electrician is required to fix a socket or lighting needs installing or replacing.

Sockets not working – it is tempting just to leave the sockets alone and use others, however, quite often it can be an indication that there is a more serious issue and also if they are old, they could have just reached the end of their lifespan or even old wiring. It is recommended not to ignore the problem in case the issue could be causing other risks such as developing an electrical fire. A professional electrician will be able to establish the fault and repair or replace anything that is required or make safe.



It can be tempting to fix an electrical problem yourself, but you need to remember that electrics can be dangerous and can cause injury – it is also important to recognise that that even doing some of the work yourself is a breach of law.  An approved electrician will ensure the job is completed safely and in accordance with any relevant regulations and they can also certify their job. Search for ‘Electricians’ when looking to find an Approved Electrician to carry out your work.

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