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Does your property need a smart lock?

Smart Lock

Does your property need a smart lock?

If you’ve ever left your home or office and worried that you haven’t locked up, a smart lock might be ideal.

A smart lock enables you to lock or unlock a door remotely, through a smartphone. Having a smart lock installed effectively eliminates any need for a physical key and places the security of your house firmly in your hands. Read on to find more about this innovative option.

What can smart locks do?

A wide range of smart locks can be bought on the current market with a diverse range of features.

Smart locks not only allow you to check up on your locks, but you can also unlock them wirelessly, offering access to preapproved guests from with a key fob or your smartphone.

Some smart locking systems even incorporate cameras, offering you the ability to capture headshots of visitors and create logs of those coming and going. Other smart locks will empower you to send encrypted digital keys via text message or email, so guests and friends can enter your home when you’re delayed.

High-end smart locks offer even more advanced features like auto-locking, voice activation and geofencing, which creates a virtual perimeter on your property.

Expert installers made easy to find

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