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World Cup 2022

World Cup

World Cup 2022

It’s not too late to get yourself ready to watch the World Cup this year.  Getting your viewing experience, the best it can be is without question.  There is a lot of TV’s out there and with the speed of players on screen, it can be difficult for older TV’s to keep up.  The best viewing experience can be achieved by creating your own home cinema system with the right TV and sound system to give you the best enjoyment.  Some of the top TV’s being recommended, include: –

  • Sony Bravia XR A907J 83-Inch OLED
  • LG C2 Evo OLED TV 77-Inch
  • Hisense U6G OLED 75-Inch
  • LG C1 OLED 65-Inch
  • Sony Bravia A807OLED 65-Inch

But what if your TV is connected to an external device?

Your TV could be connected to an external device such as a Sky box, Freesat, or other set top box. Sometimes what can get forgotten is that when you rely on a TV signal that comes from an external device, is ensuring that you are using the best HDMI cable to maximise your viewing experience, especially as we live in the age of 4K, and now even 8k!

Be aware that your new viewing experience might not be what it should be if your set up includes having to use a HDMI cable. Making the correct cable choice is now more important than ever, so do your homework, avoid grabbing the old HDMI cable from the drawer and make sure your HDMI cable is fit for purpose.

The latest HDMI cables support video resolutions up to 4k and 8k, plus for those gamers out there, these latest cables also support new gaming features. Older HDMI cables do have limitations with their supported features so do get the right advice.

Making the correct choice

To make it helpful for consumers, all HDMI cables are labelled with the cable name logos provided by the HDMI licensing administrator. Looking for these logos when buying the right cables for your TV will help you ensure you are connecting things up to achieve the best viewing experience.

So, when it comes to great football, you need great TV!

Seek the advice of installation professionals

Our partner Antiference, who have been manufacturing and supplying TV reception equipment for over 85 years, certainly know how to maintain standards and keep up with the demands of evolving technologies. Their products include the most up to date HDMI cables, plus additional HDMI connectivity products for those more complex setups. Ask your installer about using cables made by Antiference.

Products include:

Getting comfortable for the upcoming World Cup isn’t just about finding the best seat in the house. Finding your way around your TV, your sound system, knowing what it needs to perform at its optimum and choosing the best cable, like our country choosing the best player is vital!

For further help and advice speak to your installer and take a look at Antiference products to kick off your experience..

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