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How to choose the best wall mounting for your TV

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How to choose the best wall mounting for your TV

Wall mounting your TV is a great way to create space and position your TV out of the way and in a place that will give you the best view and experience but it important get it right with the main aim to ensure your TV does not fall off the wall.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best wall mount: –

Location – you may be restricted here depending on the layout of your room or where you think it would look best to the eye might not be the best for your viewing experience.  Sit down and spend some time looking at where your TV will be wall mounted – make sure it is a comfortable for you or family to watch and chill out.  Is the height right, do you have to keep looking up or is the angle right, do you need to keep moving your head?  This is important to take the time doing as once it is up its up!

Check your TV – it is important to make sure that your TV is compatible with wall mounting and check the specifications, wall mounts are designed to fit TVs of a certain size and weight.  Getting the right bracket to the size of your TV is vital to make sure that it does not end up on the floor.

Straight mount or one with an arm – typically a straight mount will place your TV on the wall like a picture frame, snug and flat against the wall.  A mount with an arm will enable you to place your TV a few inches away from the wall.  Some mounts with an arm will also give you the ability to swivel the TV to a different angle to aid viewing – these must be right for your TV for size and weight so take the time to do your research.

Cost – wall mounts come at all different prices and cheap necessarily does not mean poor performance and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it will do a better job.  Consider all these points with the weight and size being the most important and achieving your ultimate viewing experience.

Installation – when choosing the position and thinking about putting up your TV think about the wires and devices you want to connect.  There is nothing worse than trailing wires down your wall, consider some colour co-ordinated trunking or tubing or if you can even channel into your wall if you are doing some decorating.

If in any doubt contact an Approved Tv Wall Bracket Installer who will be able to achieve the desired result for you.

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