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Best 4K TV from Samsung


Best 4K TV from Samsung

The new Samsung QN95B appears to be best yet released by Samsung, it is their flagship 4K TV for 2022.

Advanced Image Processing

Powered by their second-generation Neo QLED screen technology, coming with their most advanced image processing yet by Samsung, plus the power of the mini-LED backlight – you will only experience amazing colours that come in perfect detail and the most enjoyable experience yet.

Looks beautiful

The TV itself is attractive, lightweight and beautifully slim and a screen that delivers a high quality picture even in the daylight with great sound.

You will notice the sharpness to every picture, if a gamer, the responsiveness to games plus the TV is has strong streaming app support as well as host of gaming features.

4K at it’s best

This is truly a superb 4K TV from Samsung and not to be missed.

Find out more about this fascinating TV at Samsung

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