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Freeview is a great way to watch TV with no monthly fees or contract.  To gain access to all the free channels your will require a smart TV with Freeview pre-installed, a Freeview play box or recorder and a working aerial.  If you don’t have an aerial, you can get in touch with an Approved Freeview Installer who will be able to install a new one for you or fix any signal issues that you may have.  You can buy Freeview boxes and Smart TV’s with Freeview from many suppliers online.  Opting for a recorder box will give you the ability to record, playback and pause your favourite programs so you don’t miss a thing.

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The great thing with Freeview is that you can even get access to their great service even if you just have WiFi by using the Freeview App which provides access to the channels and services.

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Freeview Bilsdale TV Transmitter Update

Freeview has updated the latest advice for viewers affected by the Bilsdale transmitter fire.


13/10 – This morning Arqiva successfully switched on the new 80 metre temporary mast at the new Bilsdale site. The new mast will bring back signal to thousands of homes across the region. Viewers in the affected areas will now need to retune their TV. Arqiva have set up a dedicated website for their “Project Restore” which aims to get as many homes viewing as soon as possible.

01/10 – Arqiva have today announced a delay to the build of the new temporary transmitter at Bilsdale. The go live is estimated to be 13th – 19th October.

16/09 – Arqiva have begun work on the temporary Bilsdale mast this week, and they are aiming to complete the build in early October. Much of the work is being undertaken at height so this is very dependent on weather conditions, Freeview will keep all of their viewers updated as soon as they know more.


  • A new temporary transmitter has been installed at Sutton Bank (near Thirsk)
  • From 8th September, many more viewers to the south, east and west of Cold Kirby may have some channels available to them if they do an automatic retune.  If a viewer is in one of these areas they should try retuning their TV.
  • Freeview advise all viewers who are struggling to pick up a signal on their TV to try an automatic retune (even if this has happened recently).
  • Freeview has updated area-specific information and advice on the service update.
  • Viewers without internet access can continue to call Freeview’s dedicated freephone line where they will be able to hear a recorded update with a summary of the information on their website.  The number is 0800 121 48 28