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Four tips for installing roof aerials

TV Aerials

Four tips for installing roof aerials

While it involves the most work, installing an outdoor aerial can allow you to receive the strongest signal. As a result, you’ll enjoy a high-quality experience every time you watch your favourite shows and films on your home cinema set-up.

Outdoor aerials can be affixed to the side of your home but also on the chimney on your roof. In this blog, we’ll look at roof installations and four useful tips for success.

1. Be safe

Always adhere to the best health and safety practices when working at height. Employ ladder safety and stability techniques and never stand on roofing that cannot take your weight. Makes sure you follow all instructions included with the aerial, to the letter.

2. Don’t be afraid to copy

A useful hack that can ensure your roof aerial is in the correct position is look at which direction your neighbour’s TV aerials are facing and copy them. Aerials must be installed facing the transmitter and you’ll likely see others nearby pointing in the same direction.

3. Be smart and test

Before you attach your TV aerial to the roof, always check that you are getting a clear picture. This is a smart move that will save you time and energy removing and reinstalling the aerial in a new location.

4. Hire a professional

The safest way to install a roof aerial and ensure it is correctly positioned, and receiving the best signal strength possible, is to hire a qualified installer. Use our useful search tool today at Getmedigital to find an expert in your area.

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