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Freeview Channel Changes 28.04.21


Freeview Channel Changes 28.04.21

The following channel changes will be taking place on Tuesday 5th January:

Now 80’s & 70’s are moving home

  • Now 80’s is moving to channel 75GMAN
  • Now 70’s is moving to channel 76Com 7

There will be changes to coverage for Now 80’s resulting in loss of coverage outside the Manchester area and Now 70’s resulting in increased coverage.

GB News Launches on Freeview

We are pleased to announce the launch of GB News on Freeview channel 236 ARQ B.  GB News will launch showing a “Coming Soon” message with their content launch date to be confirmed at a later date.

Please be advised that a retune will be required to view new channels and to see the channels listed with their new names.

Any changes to the above will be reflected within our service updates.

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