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How do you improve a weak TV signal?

TV signal

How do you improve a weak TV signal?

If your favourite Freeview shows are pixelated and cutting out, it might be time to enhance the TV signal you’re receiving. Read on as we look at some options available to boost your current signal strength.

Go outside and go high

Installing a TV aerial outside will give you a superior signal to both an indoor or loft fitting. Additionally, install your TV aerial as high as you can. Areas that experience weak signal often lead homeowners to mount aerials on a taller mast. Instead of the conventional six-inch option, try a mast of 10 or 12 inches in height for better reception.

Higher-gain aerials and masthead amplifiers

Installing a higher-gain TV aerial can also boost signal strength. These innovative options add more elements to their aerial boom, improving the way the signal is received.

Finally, if these options fail or are not possible at your home, try a masthead amplifier installation. Make sure it is located close to your TV aerial (no more than one metre away) for best results.

Do you need an aerial installer?

If you require an outdoor aerial or additional equipment to increase your TV signal, opting for assistance is a wise move. Safer than scaling ladders with bulky equipment and less frustrating than figuring out complex instructions, hiring an expert aerial installer can save you time and energy.

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