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Do you need a professional to install an aerial?


Do you need a professional to install an aerial?

Installing an aerial is an essential process for households seeking to enjoy their favourite shows on Freeview. It’s understood that to reduce costs, many people are curious about whether they can simply fit this vital piece of equipment for themselves or if professional help might be wise.

When is a professional installer unnecessary?

If you opt for an indoor aerial, you’ll find it no trouble to handle the installation yourself. However, as a rule, indoor aerials can be an unreliable option for many homes due to weak signal strength they provide, and poor coverage offered in many parts of the country.

When to use an expert installer

Loft aerials can offer improved picture quality but can also be impeded by location. Adding an aerial to your attic will likely require drilling for fitting and careful positioning to achieve the best results, and many residents seek help from a professional tradesperson.

For the best signal, an outdoor aerial can be a favourable option, but installing one is not a DIY task. Aerials must be fitted at height on rooftops representing a health and safety risk for the unskilled. A professional installer will be experienced at working in this lofty environment and will be insured should any harm come to the aerial itself or your home during the fitting.

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If you need help fitting an aerial at your home, we can help. Use our helpful search tool at Getmedigital and find a pre-approved professional you can trust with your installation.

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