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Upcoming Channel Changes


Upcoming Channel Changes

The following channel changes will be taking place on Wednesday 19th January:

Type of change Current LCN New LCN Current name New name Mux Comments
Launch 110 S4C HD BBC B In Wales only.
Name change 32 Paramount Network 5Action SDN
Name change 91 That’s TV UK That’s TV (UK) COM 7 No change to logo
LCN move 22 50 Ideal World ARQ B
LCN move 50 22 TJC SDN
LCN Move (W only) 204 790 CBBC HD BBC B CBBC HD in Wales only
Launch (W only) 204 CBBC HD BBC B In Wales only

There will be no changes to broadcast hours or content for these channels.

A retune will be required to view the newly launched channels and any moved channels or name changed channels with their new titles.

Any changes to the above will be reflected in Freeview service updates where an update on this will be live from 19/01/2022.

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