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Freeview – Channel Changes 23.11.22


Freeview – Channel Changes 23.11.22

On 23 November 2022 some broadcasters are making important changes to their channels.

Viewers will need to retune their TV’s to keep their channels and TV guide up to date.

Please be aware that the below information is not meant for viewer consumption, for viewer facing comms please use the information found on our latest service update.

Channel Launches:

Channel Name LCN Mux
Alaraby Network 279 SDN
BBC Information Channel 799 BBC A

MUX Moves:

Channel Name LCN Current Mux New Mux
Quest 12 SDN ARQ B
Capital FM 724 SDN ARQ A
Heart 728 SDN ARQ A


Channel Name LCN MUX Start Date End Date
Quest 12 SDN 23rd Nov 1st Dec
Capital FM 724 SDN 23rd Nov 1st Dec
Heart 728 SDN 23rd Nov 1st Dec

The above simulcasts will run on SDN to allow time for viewers to retune between 23rd Nov and 1st Dec. From 1st December viewers that have not retuned will see a slate advising them to retune to continue receiving the channel.

Channel Closures:

Chanel Name LCN MUX Comments
Quest Red+1 71 ARQ B Going offline to fit in with Quest changes as above
Rok 276 SDN Going offline to fit in with ROK changes as above

There will be a pop up running on Quest Red+1 (LCN 71) between 16th and 22nd of November:

From 23rd Nov, Quest Red+1 will no longer be available on Freeview channel 71.

Quest Red will continue to be available to view on 40.

This will then be updated to show a retune slate.

Any changes to the above will be reflected in the Freeview service update – read the updates here.

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