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Installing a loft TV aerial – what do you need to know?


Installing a loft TV aerial – what do you need to know?

Installing a loft TV aerial can offer you an enhanced reception in comparison to an indoor aerial, and is usually less complex and costly than opting for an outdoor TV aerial. To find out more about this installation often considered to offer the best of both worlds, read on.

Tips for installing a TV aerial in your loft

Follow your product instructions to the letter when installing a loft aerial but positioning always takes a personal approach. Try different locations for the best reception and be mindful of low-hanging beams in your loft. Consider buying an aerial suitable for outdoor and loft use in case you can’t get the signal you seek inside.

Advantages of loft aerials

Affordable and simple to install, loft aerial installations can be quick and convenient. As aerials are not exposed to wind, rain and other weather conditions, they also enjoy a lengthy service life.

Disadvantages of loft aerials

The downsides to loft aerials concern roofing. As the roof is situated between your aerial and the signal, reception may be weaker. Additionally, homes with metal roofing can’t use loft aerials.

Are you looking for a professional aerial installer?

If you’re aerial signal is poor, additional equipment and obtaining expert help is worth considering. Combining their experience and skill, approved aerial installers can ensure you receive the quality signal you seek.

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