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What type of aerial do you need?


What type of aerial do you need?

Depending on their viewing habits, homeowners will require different types of television aerials. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the options available and how a professional installation can be of benefit. Read on to work out what the best option is for your household.

Understanding aerial options

Today there are two main categories of television – aerial wideband and grouped aerials. For the best results, experts advise the use of a wideband style aerial. Sometimes referred to as a Type W (wideband) or Type T (total) aerial, these solutions cover the full range of signals employed to transmit digital television and will continue to work effectively even when changes occur to a home’s TV signal.

Generally, most TV aerials fitted in the last decade are likely to be Type W style solutions. However, this can differ from area to area around the country. Channels typically received with a wideband aerial include Freeview options like BBC Four HD, BBC News HD Freesports, and Forces TV.

Professional aerial installations

While an indoor aerial is easy for homeowners to fit, it can’t guarantee the best signal strength. Often, a loft or an outdoor aerial installation are better options. However, it is always advised that help from an expert aerial installer is enlisted to ensure equipment is fitted correctly, safely and provides the best results possible.

To book an expert in TV aerials to fit equipment in your home, use Getmedigital’s directory of pre-approved professionals today.

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