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How to check if a loft aerial is ideal for your home

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How to check if a loft aerial is ideal for your home

To enjoy high-quality reception of Freeview television channels in the UK, a home aerial is essential. While not as simple to install as a basic indoor aerial, a loft aerial can deliver enhanced signal strength; it is also not as problematic to get in position than an outdoor option. In this blog, we’ll look at the easiest ways to find out if a loft aerial is suitable.

Ask around your local area

Before attempting to install an aerial in your loft, ask some of your neighbours if they get quality Freeview reception from a loft aerial. If they experience a weak or intermittent signal, save time by opting for an external aerial installation instead.

Run a test yourself

If after consulting your neighbours a loft aerial is a viable option, there is a way to perform a basic digital signal strength check without much trouble. Take a portable TV that has a built-in aerial and digital tuner up to your loft and see what the quality is like before you buy equipment. If the signal strength is sound, you can invest in a loft aerial, but if you’re not satisfied with the quality, an outdoor aerial is a better option.

Choose a professional installation

If you need further help, a local TV aerial installer can be counted on to fit the right solution you require. To find an installer in your area with the skills and certification you require, use our helpful search tool at Getmedigital and find a pre-approved professional now.

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