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Satellite TV Installers

Satellite TV Installers are professionals who specialize in the installation and repair of satellite TV systems.

They provide a wide range of services, including installation of satellite dishes, connections to existing cable systems, troubleshooting signal problems, and repairs for common issues such as poor reception or slow loading times.

Satellite Dish Installation

Satellite Dish Installations are a complex process that requires precise knowledge and experience in order to ensure proper positioning of the dish with the desired satellite signals.

This process includes wiring, drilling, and mounting the satellite dish onto a structure or wall.

satellite dish

satellite dish

Professional Installers use high-quality components to ensure a secure connection between devices and reliable signal strength.

Additionally, they may use specialized tools such as spectrum analysers to test the integrity of the connection before completing the installation.

Do I need a TV aerial to install a satellite dish?

No, a TV aerial is not required to install a satellite dish. All that is needed for the installation is a clear line of sight to the desired satellite, as well as access to an appropriate power source.

Can I install satellite TV myself?

No, installing satellite TV requires precise knowledge and experience, as well as the use of specialized tools.

For this reason, it is best to leave the installation process to a professional Satellite TV Installer with expertise in the field.

Satellite dish installation is also a complex process that should be completed by a reputable professional as it can include mounting the dish high up on a structure or wall.

With their expertise, professionals can ensure optimal signal strength and signal integrity for your satellite TV system.

How much does it cost to install a new satellite dish?

The cost of a new satellite dish will vary depending on the type and complexity of the job. Typical charges for a professional installer typically range from £150-£300 in the UK.

Fees may also be charged for additional services such as troubleshooting or repairs.

Do I need an amplifier for my satellite TV?

The signal strength of your Satellite TV can vary depending on the location of your dish and the type of receiver you have.

In some cases a signal amplifier may be needed to ensure that your satellite TV service is working correctly.

Can I get Satellite TV in multiple rooms?

Yes, you can get satellite TV in multiple rooms by installing extra receivers or using a Multi-room system, this will ensure your television services can be accessed from different televisions in your home.

Professional Installers will be able to provide advice on the best setup for your needs.

Satellite Repairs

In addition to satellite dish installation, a professional satellite dish installer is also trained in troubleshooting and repairs. If you are experiencing poor reception or other signal issues, they can help diagnose the problem and provide recommendations on how to fix it.

Most common repairs include problems with connections, alignment of the dish, or a faulty receiver box.

Satellite dish installers have the necessary tools and resources for troubleshooting and repairs in order to ensure that your system is working at optimal performance.

Faulty LNB replacements

An LNB (Low Noise Block) is a device used to receive satellite signals and convert them into usable frequencies. If your system is having trouble receiving signals, it may be due to a faulty LNB.

Satellite dish realignments

If you find that your satellite dish is not pointing in the right direction to receive signals, it may need to be realigned. Professional Installers can use special tools to adjust the positioning of your satellite dish for optimal reception.

satellite signal strength meter

satellite signal strength meter

Can you connect a satellite dish to a TV without the box?

No, a receiver box is needed in order to connect the satellite signal to your TV.

The box converts the satellite signal into a format that can be understood by your television, so it is necessary for connecting the two devices.

Without the box, you will not be able to view any satellite channels.

If you have a smart TV , you may be able to connect directly to the satellite signal without a box. However, this is not recommended as it can lead to poor reception and cause damage to your TV.

It is always best practice to install a receiver box for optimal performance.

Magic Eye

Magic Eye is a device that allows you to watch digital TV using an aerial, rather than a satellite dish.

It uses an infrared signal to transmit the TV signal directly to your TV without needing additional cables or equipment.

Professional Installers can help you with installation and setup of Magic Eye, as well as provide troubleshooting assistance if needed.

Can I get satellite TV installed outdoors?

Yes, it is possible to install a satellite dish outdoors. In fact, satellite dishes are usually mounted outdoors due to their large size.

The process is similar to an indoor installation, but the Installer will need to take additional safety precautions and use a weather-proof case for the satellite receiver.

You will still be able to access all TV channels as well as live TV the same as you would with an indoor setup.

Where can I find a Satellite TV Installer?

You can find a qualified Professional Satellite TV installer in your area by searching online or through local business directories.

Or you can log onto you can find a fully approved Satellite TV installers in your local area.

Make sure to check reviews and credentials before hiring an Installer to ensure that you are getting the best service possible.

What TV Channels can I get with satellite TV?

The satellite channels you are able to receive will depend on the type of satellite box and dish you have and its location.

Generally, popular channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky Sports, and Sky Movies are available with most satellite dishes.

Additionally, there may be some regional or international channels that can be accessed depending on your system.

Freesat (Freeview)

Freesat sd (Freeview) is a UK-based satellite TV service that does not require a subscription. It provides access to over 200 free channels, including BBC and ITV, as well as thousands of on-demand movies and programmes.

Freesat HD requires a special HD receiver and is also available with no monthly subscription fee.

Installing Freesat requires the same setup process as standard satellite TV.

This includes installing a freesat dish and receiver freesat box, connecting them to your TV, and performing the necessary alignment and troubleshooting steps.

Sky TV

Sky TV is a subscription-based satellite service provider in the UK. It offers access to over 400 channels, as well as an extensive on-demand library.

Installing Sky TV requires sky box and dish, as well as connecting them to your TV.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a UK-based cable service provider that offers digital TV such as Sky Sports, movies, and entertainment channels. It requires a special cable box for installation.

Other Streaming services available through satellite TV

In addition to traditional satellite TV services, Professional Installers can also install streaming devices such as:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast

These services allow you to access a wide range of on-demand content from popular streaming networks like

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon TV

Do different Satellite services such as Sky and Freesat need a different dish?

Yes, satellite dishes for different services such as Sky and Freesat may require a different type of dish for example Freeview will require a Freesat Dish.

Professional Installers will be able to advise you on the best setup for your needs.

Foreign Satellite TV

Satellite dish installers can also provide installation and setup for foreign satellite TV services.

These services offer access to channels from other countries such as Germany, France, Italy and more.

European Satellite TV

European Satellite TV services are available via a variety of providers, such as:

  • Sky Italia
  • BIS TV
  • Cyfrowy Polsat

Installation of these satellite services requires a special satellite dish and receiver box.

Hotbird Satellite

Hotbird Satellite is a digital satellite TV service that provides access to hundreds of free-to-air channels from multiple countries in the Middle East and Europe.

To receive signals from Hotbird, you will need an LNB (Low Noise Block) attached to the dish and pointing towards the correct coordinates for the service.

Foreign Language Satellite TV

For viewers who are interested in watching foreign language channels, Professional Installers can help you with the installation and setup of satellite dishes to receive signals from those regions.

This can include channels such as:

  • Star TV,
  • Sky Italia,
  • BIS digital.

Satellite master antenna television (SMATV)

Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) is a system that allows users to receive satellite signals from multiple sources.

This system requires the installation of specialised equipment such as amplifiers, antennas, and distribution systems.

Multiple sources including terrestrial TV, broadband internet and satellite signals can be connected to the system.

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To Conclude:

Professional satellite installation can provide the best setup for all types of satellite systems.

From getting the satellite dish installed, connecting it to your television set and satellite box to sorting out any repairs or alignment issues, professional satellite installers can take care of all these necessary steps for you.

They can also provide advice on which satellite boxes are available and which will give the most efficient service in your area.

Furthermore, they can assist with the installation of streaming services, foreign language satellite TV and European satellite TV.