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Satellite TV

To enable you to have Satellite TV you will firstly require a satellite dish and the required cabling to get the signal to your box or integrated TV.  The satellite TV provider that everyone will know is Sky – this requires a contract and monthly fee but you can also enjoy satellite TV with Freesat – this has no contract and no monthly fee.  There are also options for you to have foreign satellite if you wish to watch TV channels from another country.

Having a satellite dish installed is usually straight forward and on some occasions can be easier than installing an aerial – this is because the satellite dish needs to point at the sky (does need to be aligned) and therefore may not require the height and positioning that an aerial might need.  Once you have satellite TV you will usually find that the you have more choice of content and channels – this is because of the scope and access that satellite TV offers – if you are looking for more choice than just Freeview channels then satellite could be the best option.  If you are a sports fan then this definitely could be your best choice as satellite TV typically offers the best range of sports channels so you don’t have to miss a game or match.  Again, if you are into films you would typically get a better choice on satellite TV. 

As with any signal you can still experience interference with satellite TV and sometimes more – any adverse weather, even rain can cause a signal interference.  When you have your dish installed, use an Approved Satellite TV Installer to make sure it is aligned correctly for the best service and picture and that any cables and external fittings are suitably weatherproofed.

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