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BBC Three launches on Freeview on 26th January 2022


BBC Three launches on Freeview on 26th January 2022

Following Ofcom’s consultation on BBC’s proposals for the launch of BBC Three, the channel will be launching on Freeview channel 23 in SD and channel 109 in HD.

Changes to some channel numbers will be taking place at midday on 26th January 2022 to comply with requirements for the BBC Three launch on 01st February 2022 which were published by Ofcom as part of their consultation.  These are outlined in their Statement: Review of rules for prominence of BBC Three.  More information on why these changes are taking place can be found by visiting the following websites:

What’s changing?

All channels between channel numbers 23 and 82 will be moving up one channel number except Dave Ja Vu who will be moving up 2 channels from 23 to 25.

Viewers are being advised to retune to watch BBC Three and continue to view channels from their new channel number. There will be no changes to the broadcast hours, coverage, or content for these channels.

A service update will be published on 19th January to coincide with the start of captions across channels from the same date. The captions will link to Freeview updates and alerts page where viewers will be able to access more information and help with retuning.  Freeview will also publish updates on the date of the launch via their @freeviewadvice twitter account.

Any changes to the above will be reflected in their service updates.

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