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What is the easiest type of TV aerial installation?

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What is the easiest type of TV aerial installation?

To maximise your enjoyment of a home cinema, excellent reception is essential. Your TV aerial is responsible for the quality of the signal you receive, making it an important part of any set-up. By far the simplest option to select is an indoor aerial. However, this type of aerial is not always ideal. Read on to find out more.

Why an indoor aerial is easiest

Indoor TV aerials are swift to set up and require zero expertise. To connect your indoor aerial, just plug the TV’s coax cable into your aerial. Now position the aerial close to your TV. If you find the picture quality is inadequate, try repositioning the aerial.

Locating it close to a window can enhance your picture, as can placing the aerial up higher. You can rotate the aerial to make further improvements, but keep scanning for channels after each repositioning to assess your progress.

What are the downsides to an indoor TV aerial installation

Unfortunately, indoor aerials cannot always supply the best picture quality when an area suffers from weak signals. Additionally, homes that have walls constructed from concrete can block signals, causing further issues. Loft and outdoor aerials are superior in term of signal strength, but are best installed by a professional.

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