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Freeview Channel Changes 25.05.21


Freeview Channel Changes 25.05.21

The following channel changes will be taking place on Tuesday the 25th May 2021:

Sony Channel Name Changes:

Current Name New Name LCN
Sony Channel GREAT! tv 49
Sony Channel +1 GREAT! tv+1 61
Sony Movies GREAT! Movies 33
Sony Movies +1 GREAT! Movies+1 60
Sony Movies Action GREAT! Movies Action 41
Sony Movies Classic GREAT! Movies Classic 51
Sony Movies Classic +1 GREAT! Movies Classic+1 62

The below promos are currently running online:

These changes will only affect the general entertainment channels there will be no changes to the children’s channels.

There is no change to content, broadcast hours or multiplex.

Please be advised that a retune will be required to view new channels and to see the channels listed with their new names.

Viewers will still be able to view the channels if they do not perform a retune, they will see the channel with the old name in the EPG until a retune has been performed.

Any changes to the above will be reflected within Freeview service updates.

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