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Starlink to expand its UK coverage

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Low Earth Orbit constellation of satellites known as Starlink, which delivers ultra-fast broadband to many parts of the planet, recently announced it has upgraded its UK internet offering. [...]

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TV Aerials

How to check if a loft aerial is ideal for your home

To enjoy high-quality reception of Freeview television channels in the UK, a home aerial is essential. While not as simple to install as a basic indoor aerial, a loft aerial can deliver enhanced signal strength; it is also not as problematic to get in position than an outdoor option. In this blog, we’ll look at the easiest ways to find out if a loft aerial is suitable. [...]

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Getmedigital Approved Installers

How can smart home technology installers find more customers?

You may be a dependable installer with experience and qualifications at the ready, but making homeowners aware that you’re available is not always simple. [...]

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Smart Lighting

What are the benefits of a smart lighting installation for your garden?

If you’ve been enjoying the use of your garden over spring and summer, it’s understandable that as autumn draws in, you’ll want to make the most of it. [...]

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Home Cinema

Movie Magic at Home: Stunning Home Cinema Design Ideas

In this article we will look at stunning home cinema design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

With the rise in popularity of streaming platforms and home entertainment systems such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, more people are opting to create their own home cinema experience.

vintage movie projector

A well-designed home cinema can provide the ultimate viewing experience with the comfort and convenience of being right at home.

Choosing the Right Space

The first step in creating your dream home cinema is choosing the right space. This could be a spare room, basement,  or even a dedicated area in your living room.

cinema room

Whichever space you choose, make sure it has enough room to accommodate comfortable seating and equipment such as a projector or TV screen.

A home cinema installation can add value to your property and provide an immersive movie-watching experience in the comfort of your own home.

Picking the right room

If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated room in your home this will be easy however if not and you are unsure which room to use, think of the room shape and will it only be used as a dedicated cinema room.

loft cinema room

Try to pick an enclosed room with less windows, but for multi-use areas, pick an open plan space. This will help you determine the size and layout of your home cinema.

garden room

Popular choices for a home cinema project are a loft room or garden room.

These rooms often have the space and privacy needed to create a truly immersive cinema experience.

How big does a cinema room need to be?

The size of your home cinema will depend on the number of people you want to accommodate.

For a small family, a room as little as 3m x 4m can be enough for a comfortable viewing experience.

If you have more space, choose a bigger room to allow for multiple seating options and better sound quality.

Projector Screen or Television?

When it comes to the visual display, you have two main options: a projector or a television.

Projector Screens

projector screen

A Large Projector screen can offer a more cinematic experience with their large screens and better image quality. They are also more budget-friendly and allow for a customizable screen size.

However, they may require more maintenance and need to be placed in a dark room for optimal viewing.


television home cinema room

Television sets on the other hand, provide convenience and ease of use. They come in various sizes and prices, making them suitable for different budgets.

While they may not have the same cinematic effect as projectors, they are more versatile and can be used for other purposes besides watching movies.

Ultimately, the choice between a projector or television will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Choosing the perfect screen

The Big screen is the centrepiece of any home cinema, so it’s important to choose wisely. Consider factors such as size, resolution, and aspect ratio when selecting a screen.

home cinema screen

You can also opt for a motorized retractable screen for added convenience.

Surround sound system


To truly immerse yourself in the movie experience, a surround sound system is a must. Make sure to choose a high quality speaker system and position them correctly for optimum sound distribution.

Room acoustics

The room acoustics of the room play a crucial role in the overall sound quality of your home cinema.


speakers in soundproof room

Another crucial element to home cinema design is sound proofing.

No one wants external noise to ruin their movie night.

Consider adding soundproofing materials such as acoustic panels or carpets to reduce outside noise and enhance the sound quality within the cinema room.

What equipment do I need to set up a home cinema system?

Apart from the obvious display and sound system, you will also need a media player or streaming device, such as a Blu-ray player, gaming console, or streaming box.

You may also want to consider investing in a universal remote control for ease of use.

Seating arrangements

home cinema seating and velvet curtains

Comfort is key when it comes to creating the perfect cinema room.

Choose comfortable and plush seating options, whether it’s luxurious recliners, cosy couches, or even bean bags.

home cinema seating

To enhance the authenticity of your experience, consider investing in genuine cinema seating that comes with cup holders and footrests. This will truly elevate your movie-watching experience and provide you with utmost comfort and convenience.

Mood lighting

television mood lighting

Mood lighting can make or break a home cinema design.

Install dimmer switches or smart lighting options that allow you to adjust the brightness according to your preference.

You can also add LED strip lighting for a more immersive experience.

led strip lights

Choose warm, dim lighting for a cosy atmosphere or go for bright, coloured lights for a fun and energetic vibe.

Movie posters and decoration

movie posters

Add some personal touches to your home cinema by decorating with movie posters or other movie-themed decoration. This will add to the overall cinema atmosphere and make your space feel more personalized.

velvet curtains

For an atmospheric feel why not choose darker colours for your walls and add some velvet curtains?

For the floor you could have carpet or opt for wood flooring that can be easily maintained and cleaned.

How do you style a cinema room?

Styling a cinema room can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

cosy green and gold cinema room

You can go for a classic, vintage movie theatre theme with red and gold accents, or opt for a royal green for a luxurious feel, or a modern and sleek design with black and white tones.

Consider adding comfortable throw blankets and pillows to enhance the cosy factor of your cinema space.

Smart home Automation

Make your movie nights even more convenient by integrating your home cinema design with a smart home automation system.


This will allow you to control the lighting, sound, and other features all from one device. You can even set up voice commands for a true hands-free experience.

google home

Home automation systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home can also assist with selecting movies and controlling other smart devices in your home cinema room.

Snack station

No home cinema room is complete without snacks!


Think about adding a designated snack station when considering your home cinema design, such as a mini-fridge, popcorn machine, and other movie snacks can for that authentic cinematic experience.

Professional home cinema installation

To ensure that your home cinema is set up correctly and to avoid any technical issues, consider hiring professional home cinema installers.

surround sound system

They can also offer advice on the best equipment and layout for your specific space.

A professional installer can create and set up a fully bespoke system tailored to your personal preferences and needs, ensuring that you have the ultimate home cinema experience.

Home Cinema installation cost

The cost of home cinema installation will vary depending on the size and complexity of your home cinema design.


It is important to set a budget and do research on different installation companies to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Home Cinema Installation Near me

If you are looking for someone to come and help create your perfect cinema room local to you, can help.

se our innovative search tool today to track down a dependable home cinema expert in your local area.

Home cinema design

With advancements in technology, creating a home cinema has become more accessible and affordable for many homeowners.

However, it’s important to remember that a successful home cinema design goes beyond just the equipment and technical aspects.

people watching a film

Consider the overall atmosphere of your cinema room – from lighting to seating arrangements and decoration – to create a truly immersive experience.

And don’t be afraid to get creative and personalize your space to make it truly your own.

Investing in a home cinema room not only adds value to your property but also creates a space for you and your loved ones to bond over the magic of movies.


By implementing these 10 stunning home cinema design ideas, you can create a space that is perfect for movie nights, game days, or just lounging and watching your favourite TV shows.

Home cinema installations should always be tailored to your personal preferences and needs, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own.

Whether you opt for a luxury home cinema room or a simple setup with a large screen and comfortable seating, the important thing is to create a space that brings joy and entertainment into your home.

film strip


Why choose a wired home CCTV system?

Wired security camera systems provide several advantages compared to other types of security solutions.


Firstly, they are highly reliable and secure as the feed is transmitted directly from the cameras to the recording device over a physical connection. This means that wireless interference, hacking or sabotage won’t be an issue, making it an ideal solution for more sensitive applications.

Better Video Quality

Secondly, wired security cameras offer a much sharper image quality and can be set up at higher resolutions than that of wireless. This makes it easier to identify details such as facial features or license plates when needed.

Cost Saving

Thirdly, they are generally less expensive to purchase and maintain compared to wireless security solutions. The cables themselves are inexpensive and require minimal maintenance.

Advanced Features

Finally, wired security camera systems can easily be integrated with other security solutions such as access control systems or motion sensors for additional protection. This further enhances the overall security of your property and helps to better deter any potential threats.

Overall, wired home security cameras are an excellent option for those looking for a secure and cost-effective solution to protect their home or business.

Wired Outdoor Camera Security Cameras

Wired Outdoor security cameras can be set up anywhere outside of your property to monitor any activity in the area.

You will need to run a power cable and an ethernet cable between the camera and your recording device, but this will be mostly hidden from view and can easily be routed around any structures in your outdoor area.

These cameras are designed to withstand harsher weather conditions and are generally waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor applications.

If you are looking to instan an outdoor CCTV camera, then we’d recommend finding an experienced CCTV Installation engineer to do the work. Preverally someone who has all of the necessary accreditations.

Security cameras can be put near your front door for an extra layer of security, or you can install them around your garden, driveway or garage to monitor any suspicious activity.

Person Detection (AI)

Wired security cameras can also be connected to advanced analytics and Person Detection technology. This uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect any people in the area, alerting you if there is any unusual activity.

This technology enables you to react more quickly if any intruders are detected and can help to reduce crime rates around your property.

Night vision Security System – Infrared Technology

Wired security cameras can also be equipped with infrared night vision capabilities. This allows you to monitor your property even in low-light or dark conditions, giving you an extra layer of protection.

This type of security system uses infrared night vision light to illuminate the area, allowing you to clearly identify any individuals or objects in your line of sight.

HD Video Quality

Wired cameras are also capable of recording high-definition footage, allowing you to capture clear images and video even in low-light conditions. This can be vital for identifying any intruders or suspicious activities on your property.

Battery Powered Security Cameras

Battery powered cameras are another option for those looking for an extra layer of security.

These cameras are powered by a rechargeable battery and can last for months at a time without needing to be recharged so you need not worry about the battery life of your system.

They are ideal for areas where power supply is limited or inconvenient, such as remote locations or outdoor areas. They can also be easily moved around and placed in different locations to provide full coverage of your property.

Wireless Security Cameras

For those looking for an even more convenient solution, wireless security cameras offer a great alternative to wired systems.

Wireless cameras connect to your home’s Wi Fi network and transmit data over the air so you don’t need any additional cables or wires. This makes them incredibly easy to install and perfect for areas where you don’t have access to a power supply.

Like wired systems, wireless cameras are also able to record footage in Full HD and can be easily connected to other devices such as Smart TVs or tablets for remote access.

Disadvantages to Wire Free Camera systems

Wire Free models can also come with a few drawbacks.

The cameras need to be constantly connected to your Wi-Fi network, so if you have poor Wi Fi signal or if there is any interference or disruption you may experience occasional video drops.

This can make it difficult to monitor activity on your property, especially when you’re away from home.

Wire Free cameras are also more susceptible to tampering and vandalism, as they don’t have cables connected to them.

Floodlight camera

An innovative type of security camera is the floodlight camera. It combines a bright LED light with a security camera, allowing you to monitor and illuminate your outdoor area.

This type of camera is perfect for deterring intruders or criminals as they will be immediately visible in the bright light when they enter your property.

The camera is also connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, so you can access it remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Video Recording and Storage

Wired security cameras can also provide you with a range of video recording and storage options.

You have the choice between cloud storage or local storage on an SD card or Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Cloud storage space is often the most secure option as it provides remote access to your footage if needed, you will need an iCloud account and an active internet connection.

Motion zones

Wired cameras are also able to detect motion, allowing you to customize the areas that your camera is monitoring and alert you if anything suspicious is detected.

You can create custom motion zones for each camera, ensuring that only the areas you want monitored will trigger an alarm or send a notification.

This is a great way to reduce false alarms and allow you to be alerted to any activity on your property.

Facial Recognition Security Cameras

For an extra layer of security, you may also want to consider a facial recognition security camera.

These cameras use advanced facial recognition technology to identify individuals and alert you if there is any suspicious activity on your property.

The camera will detect faces and compare them to a database of pre-approved individuals that are allowed access to your property.

If the camera detects a face that is not in its database, you will be alerted immediately with an image of the unknown individual.

Video Doorbell

The video doorbell is a great addition to any home security system as it allows you to see and speak with visitors without opening the door.

video doorbell

video doorbell

This type of camera typically has an integrated motion sensor that can be used to detect movement at your front door and alert you when someone is there. You can also view real-time footage from the camera on your smartphone or tablet via smart alerts.

The video doorbell will also allow you to view live video and has a two way audio allowing you to speak to visitors when you are not there.

Smart Home Devices

Wired security cameras can also be integrated with other smart home devices, allowing you to link your entire home security system together.

This ensures that all of your connected devices will work in unison and allows you to monitor multiple areas of your property at once.

For example, if an intruder is detected on one camera, the alarm will sound throughout your home and can be used to deter the intruder or alert you of their presence.

All of these features make wired CCTV systems a great choice for any home security system. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect camera for your needs.

Here are some of the best wired security cameras available:

Nest Camera Security Camera

The Nest Camera is a wired security camera that features 1080p HD video resolution, night vision and 2-way audio.

It also has motion detection and facial recognition technology which allows it to recognize people entering your home.

It can be connected to other Nest products such as the smoke alarms, or you can connect it to Google Home.

Lorex Security Camera

Another popular brand of wired security cameras is Lorex.

Lorex cameras offer a wide range of features, including night vision, motion detection, facial recognition and more.

These cameras are also compatible with most Wi Fi systems and allow you to access your footage remotely from any device. The set up process is also straightforward and simple.

Reolink Security Camera

The Reolink security camera is another great option for home surveillance as it has excellent video quality.

This wired camera features a 4K Ultra HD resolution, night vision and facial recognition technology.

It’s also equipped with motion sensors which can be used to detect any activity in your home and alert

Swann Security camera

Swann Cameras are another great option for your home security needs. Their wired security camera systems come with a range of features, including motion sensors and night vision.

They are also compatible with most smart home devices, allowing you to connect your entire system together. The video footage is stored locally on an SD card or an NVR depending on the model you choose.

Hikvision Security Camera

The final type of wired security camera available is the Hikvision Security Camera.

This security camera offers a range of features including 4K Ultra HD resolution, superb night vision and motion detection. It can also be used with other Hikvision products such as the video doorbell or smart home devices.

These are just some of the options available when it comes to choosing a wired security camera system for your home.


Installing a wired home security camera system is relatively simple and can be done by an experienced professional installer.

It’s important to make sure that your cameras are positioned correctly and securely and that all connections are made properly to ensure the highest level of security for your home.

wired cctv dome camera

wired cctv dome camera

Take time to research

When choosing a wired home CCTV system, it’s important to consider all of the features available and find the one that best suits your needs.

By investing in a quality home security camera system, you can ensure that your property is safe and secure at all times.

Cost Effective

Finally, wired security cameras are also cost effective. As they require fewer components to be installed compared to wireless systems, they usually have lower installation costs and can save you money in the long run.

In addition, most wired security cameras are built for longevity and don’t require regular maintenance or replacement parts like their wireless counterparts do.

Most also do not require any monthly fees.

To Conclude…

With so many features and benefits, it’s easy to see why these cameras are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you’re looking for something basic or advanced, there is sure to be a camera that will suit your needs. Investing in a quality security camera system is an important step in protecting your home and loved ones.

Take the time to research the security cameras available and find one that fits your requirements, budget and lifestyle with the right camera, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from potential intruders or unwanted visitors.

Starlink Rural

Simple Solutions: Satellite Internet for Rural Areas

Welcome to the Simple Solutions guide for satellite internet for rural areas.

If you live in a remote location with limited or no access to traditional broadband options, this guide will provide valuable information on how satellite internet can connect you to the world wide web.

What are the rural broadband options for remote locations ?

Living in a rural area can be challenging when it comes to internet access.

Traditional broadband options, such as cable and DSL, are often not available in remote locations due to infrastructure limitations and high costs.

Fibre broadband is also not a viable option for rural areas as it requires extensive infrastructure and is typically only available in urban or suburban areas.

Some options for internet access in rural areas include DSL, fixed wireless, and mobile broadband.

  • DSL- Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) uses existing copper phone lines to deliver internet service.

This option is often available in rural areas, but the broadband speeds and reliability can be limited due to distance from the nearest DSL hub.

  • Fixed Wireless Broadband – This type of broadband uses radio waves to deliver internet service.

It requires a fixed antenna on your property to receive signals from a nearby wireless tower.

While this option can provide higher speeds than DSL, it also has limitations such as line of sight requirements and potential interference from weather conditions.

  • Mobile Broadband – This type of internet service uses cellular networks to connect to the internet.

It requires a mobile broadband device or tethering your smartphone to your computer.

While this option can provide convenient access to the internet, the speeds can vary greatly depending on the strength of the cellular signal in your area and network congestion so you may be left with a slow internet.

However, these options may not be available or viable for all remote locations.

That leaves satellite internet as the most practical and reliable solution for those living in remote locations.

Why Satellite Internet is a Simple Solution for Rural Areas

starlink satelitte scaled

Satellite internet has become an increasingly popular choice for those living in rural areas due to its widespread coverage and reliable service.

Unlike other broadband options, satellite internet does not rely on existing infrastructure and can provide high-speed internet to even the most remote locations.

With satellite internet, you do not have to worry about line of sight or weather conditions affecting your connection.

Satellite dishes are installed facing the southern sky, ensuring a reliable signal regardless of location.

What is Satellite Broadband?

Satellite broadband is a type of internet connection that uses satellites orbiting the Earth to provide high-speed internet coverage to remote areas.

This means you can access the internet regardless of your location, as long as you have a clear view of the sky.

How does Satellite Broadband Work?

Satellite broadband works by sending and receiving signals between an antenna on your property and a satellite in geostationary orbit.

The antenna on your property sends a signal to the satellite, which then relays the information to a ground station connected to the internet.

Similarly, when you request information from the internet, it is sent to the ground station and relayed back to the satellite, which transmits it to your antenna.

Advantages of Satellite Broadband in Rural Areas

  1. No Geographical Limitations: As mentioned earlier, satellite internet can be accessed from any remote location with a clear view of the sky. This makes it an ideal option for rural areas where traditional broadband options may not be available.
  2. High-speed Connection: Satellite broadband offers high-speed internet, with speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. This means you can stream videos, download large files and browse the web without any lag or buffering.
  3. Easy Set-up: Unlike traditional broadband options that require extensive infrastructure, satellite internet can be set up quickly and easily. All you need is a dish antenna, a modem and a clear view of the sky.
  4. Reliable Connection: Satellite broadband is not affected by factors such as distance from the provider or infrastructure issues, making it a more reliable option in rural areas.

Considerations before Getting Satellite Broadband

  1. Data Caps: Some satellite internet providers impose data caps on their plans, meaning you have a limited amount of data to use each month. Make sure to compare plans and choose one with an adequate data allowance for your needs.
  2. Weather Conditions: Since satellite internet relies on signals transmitted through the atmosphere, severe weather conditions such as heavy rain or storms can affect your connection.
  3. Latency: Satellite broadband has a higher latency compared to traditional broadband options, meaning there may be a slight delay when loading web pages or streaming videos.

Choosing a Satellite Broadband Provider

When choosing a satellite broadband provider, consider the following factors:

  1. Speed and Data Allowance: Look for a provider that offers high-speed internet with a generous data allowance to meet your needs.
  2. Customer Service: Make sure to read reviews and research the customer service of potential providers, as you may need assistance with set-up or technical issues.
  3. Plan Flexibility: Choose a provider that offers flexible plans that can be tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Affordability: Satellite internet may be more expensive than traditional broadband options, but make sure to compare prices and choose a provider that offers the best value for your budget.

Satellite Broadband Installation Cost

starlink on smartphone scaled

The cost of satellite broadband installation can vary depending on the provider and any additional equipment or services you may need.

On average, expect to pay around £100-£200 for the initial set-up, which includes the dish antenna, modem, and router.

You may also have to pay a monthly rental fee for the equipment or opt to purchase it outright.

It is important to consider these monthly costs when choosing a satellite broadband provider and plan.

At you can search for a, local to you, fully qualified, professional Starlink installer using our easy to use search engine.

How is Satellite Broadband Installed in a rural location ?

  1. Site Survey: Before installation, a site survey is conducted to determine the best location for the dish antenna and ensure there is a clear view of the sky.
  2. Installation Appointment: Once the site has been surveyed, an installation appointment will be scheduled at your convenience.
  3. Mounting the Dish Antenna: The dish antenna will be mounted on a pole or bracket in the designated location to ensure a clear line of sight to the satellite.
  4. Running Cables: Cables will be run from the dish antenna to your property, connecting it to the modem and router.
  5. Set-up: The technician will then set up and configure your modem and router, ensuring everything is working correctly before completing the installation process.

Do I need a phone line for Satellite Broadband?

No, satellite broadband does not require a phone line for connection.

As it uses satellites to transmit and receive signals, there is no need for a physical phone line to be installed.

This makes it an ideal option for those living in rural areas where traditional phone lines may not be available.

However, some satellite internet providers may offer bundle packages that include a phone service if desired

Are you looking for Rural Community Broadband?

Community Broadband is another option for rural areas where traditional broadband is not available.

This involves a group of residents coming together to fund and build their own rural broadband infrastructure, which is then shared by all members.

While it may require more effort and investment initially, community rural broadband can provide high-speed internet at lower costs in the long run.

Consider the diverse needs, ranging from farm shops and possibly listed buildings, to cafes, rural events, and even Wi-Fi for villages and small towns where fibre broadband hasn’t been established.

Rural Area Broadband Options

Starlink and managed Wi-Fi form a formidable alliance, particularly tailored for farms and small businesses.

To come up with a solution, Westend WiFi created and tested a combination of hardware and services that enable secure and managed public Wi-Fi for any rural location.

Backhaul has always been the biggest challenge, as rural locations have been underserved by the fixed and mobile internet providers.

This is changing – but only slowly and in a limited number of areas.

Starlink Internet Access

starlink dish scaled

Starlink has simply changed all of that.

  • It’s fast, the superfast broadband speed can be 150Mbps and the latency is around 30ms, making it comparable to traditional broadband options.
  • It’s accessible, with plans to launch over 12,000 satellites into orbit, providing global coverage.
  • It’s affordable, with lower costs compared to traditional satellite internet providers.
  • With low latency, providing a seamless and responsive experience, making it perfect for gaming enthusiasts who crave real-time interactions and lightning-fast responsiveness.

Whilst other satellite companies such as Amazon’s Kuiper and OneWeb talk about similar services, only Starlink has an operational satellite network that covers the UK, USA, Australia and most of Europe.

From 2023, Africa and additional countries in South America will be included.

Rural public Wi-Fi installations require the following hardware:

  • Starlink dish,
  • Mesh enabled outdoor Wi-Fi access points (e.g. from Ruckus, or Cambium)
  • An alternate PoE multi port router for VLAN management and power,
  • DHCP management from either the router or a Nomadix Gateway,
  • Micro PC for local management alongside Netcelero for external VPN,
  • Cloud based Wi-Fi controller
  • Onboarding system such as our GoZoneWiFi instance.

This sounds a lot of kit, but it’s actually not since once it’s configured, it’s plug and play.

Securing Public Wi-Fi

Importantly, westend wifi also use DNS filtering and port blocking to ensure, as far as possible, public Wi-Fi users are protected from extreme web sites.

All services are therefore Friendly Wi-Fi approved.

Add-ons can be added to the core service to extend Wi-Fi coverage using:

  • Mesh; remote site connectivity using Point to (Multi) Point for pockets of Wi-Fi coverage;
  • CCTV/LiDAR for security and crowd management.
  • The service also supports IoT over LoRaWAN and Sigfox which is focussed on security, air quality and water management.

Great Solution for Good broadband connection

By building on our testing of Starlink and additional services, Westend WiFi have been able to offer a great foundation for secure Wi-Fi internet solution for:

  • Farms,
  • Remote businesses,
  • Rural Communities
  • Churchs
  • Country fairs,
  • Villages
  • And emergency services.

To Conclude

In conclusion, satellite broadband is a game-changing option for those living in rural areas.

It offers high-speed internet access without the need for a phone line and can even be combined with other services such as managed Wi-Fi for a complete solution.

For rural communities looking to improve their internet connection, options like community broadband or Starlink should definitely be considered.

Digital Tick Transparent

What difference can a Digital Tick make for installers?

Successful home technology installers are always on the lookout for ways to expand their customer base and improve their bottom line. [...]

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Three Simple Tips to Speed up your Wi-Fi

  • Are you frustrated with slow WIFI speeds?
  • Are your streaming videos or downloads taking too long to finish?

Don’t worry, because there are a few simple tips to speed up your Wi-Fi connection.

Wi fi signal is affected by a variety of factors, from interference to outdated hardware.

Having a slow internet connection can be incredibly annoying. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, you can optimize your connection and get your speeds back up in no time.

1. Change the Location of your WI FI Router:

The position of your WI FI router plays an important role in how fast or slow you internet connection will be.

wi fi router

You should place the router near the centre of your home to ensure that the signal reaches all your devices faster and more effectively.

If you must place the router near a wall, make sure that the signal is not blocked by furniture or other objects.

Wi Fi Repeaters and Wi Fi Extenders

These are also great options if you need to extend your Wi-Fi range.

Wi Fi repeaters are useful if you have a larger property or wider area to cover.

A Wi Fi extender can pick up the signal from your router and boost it to areas that are too far away for a strong connection.

2. Update Your Wi fi router Firmware:

Keeping your router’s firmware updated is essential for maintaining optimal speeds.

To update the firmware, you will need access to your router’s admin panel via your router’s settings. Check with the manufacturer or check online for instructions on how to access the admin panel.

Once inside, click on the “Firmware” tab and select the latest available version.

router update

Follow any additional instructions that appear and wait for the update to finish. Once it is complete, restart your router to apply the changes.

You may also need to check with your internet service provider (ISP) to ensure that you have the latest available firmware.

Older WI FI Router

Older routers may not be able to keep up with the speeds of modern internet connections. Updating your router’s firmware can help you get faster wi fi speeds and better performance.

Check your internet provider website for any updates or contact their customer service to find out how to install them on your device.

3. Use the Right Wi fi Channel:

Many routers have multiple Wi-Fi channels that can be used to improve your signal strength and speed.

Using the right channel can make a big difference in how fast your internet connection is.

To find out which channel is best for you, use an online scanner such as the Wi-Fi Analyzer app (available for both iOS and Android devices).

Once you find the channel that works best, use your router’s settings to switch to it. This will help eliminate interference from other signals and improve your connection speed.

You may need to experiment with different channels until you find one that is the most reliable and has the fastest speeds.

Other ways you can speed up your internet connection are:

  • Reduce the amount of devices connected – having multiple devices or unnecessary connections can cause slow internet speeds
  • Use an ethernet cable instead of wireless Wi Fi– wired connection such as the use of an ethernet cable can be more reliable than wireless connections , and generally have faster internet speed.
  • Upgrade your Wi Fi router or modem – old equipment can slow down your internet speed. Consider upgrading to a newer model if you’re not getting the speeds you need.
  • WIFI Speed booster – there are a variety of Wi Fi speed boosters on the market that can help boost your signal strength and increase your internet connection speeds.
  • Fibre optic broadband – this is the fastest internet connection available, and can provide speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. If you’re looking for a faster connection, investing in fibre optic broadband may be your best option.

Internet speed test

You can check your home internet speed by running a free online internet speed test.

wi fi speed test

These tests measure the download and upload speeds of your connection, as well as other factors such as latency and jitter.

The results will give you an indication of any issues that may be causing slow speeds, and they can help inform steps you can take to improve your connection.

You will need to run the test multiple times to get an accurate picture of your connection’s performance.

You can test you internet speeds by using sites like Speed test, and Ookla.

Routers IP address

Your router’s IP address is the information used to identify it on a network.

You can find this address by typing ‘Ipconfig’ in the command prompt.

Once you have your router’s IP, open your web browser and type the address into the URL bar.

This will take you to the router settings page where you can make changes to the settings and optimize your internet connection.

To Conclude

By following these tips, you can maximize your internet speeds and get the most out of your Wi-Fi connection.

Also by hiring an approved WI FI installer, you can ensure that your router is set up correctly and get help troubleshooting any issues.

With a few simple steps, you can quickly improve your Wi Fi network performance and reduce frustration with slow internet speeds.

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